stroke1 S3 [strəuk US strouk] n
5 at a/one stroke
6 on the stroke of seven/nine etc
7 stroke of luck/fortune
8 stroke of genius/inspiration etc
10¦(a movement of your hand)¦
11 with/at a stroke of the pen
12 not do a stroke (of work)
13 stroke of lightning
15 put somebody off their stroke
16¦(in numbers)¦
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Probably from an unrecorded Old English strac]
1.) ¦(ILLNESS)¦
if someone has a stroke, an ↑artery (=tube carrying blood) in their brain suddenly bursts or becomes blocked, so that they may die or be unable to use some muscles
She died following a massive stroke.
have/suffer a stroke
I looked after my father after he had a stroke.
a stroke patient
a) one of a set of movements in swimming or rowing in which you move your arms or the ↑oar forward and then back
She swam with strong steady strokes.
b) a style of swimming or rowing
the breast stroke
3.) ¦(SPORT)¦
the action of hitting the ball in games such as tennis, ↑golf, and ↑cricket
a backhand stroke
4.) ¦(PEN/BRUSH)¦
a) a single movement of a pen or brush when you are writing or painting
A few strokes of her pen brought out his features clearly.
b) a line made by a pen or brush
the thick downward strokes of the characters
5.) at a/one stroke
with a single sudden action
At one stroke the country lost two outstanding leaders.
6.) on the stroke of seven/nine etc
at exactly seven o'clock etc
She arrived home on the stroke of midnight.
The only goal of the match came on the stroke of half-time.
7.) stroke of luck/fortune
something lucky that happens to you unexpectedly
In a stroke of luck, a suitable organ donor became available.
8.) stroke of genius/inspiration etc
a very good idea about what to do to solve a problem
It was a stroke of genius to film the movie in Toronto.
9.) ¦(HIT)¦
an action of hitting someone with something such as a whip or thin stick
He cried out at each stroke of the whip.
a gentle movement of your hand over something
I gave her hair a gentle stroke .
11.) with/at a stroke of the pen
if someone in authority does something with a stroke of the pen, they sign an official document to make a decision with important and serious results
He had the power to order troops home with a stroke of his pen.
12.) not do a stroke (of work)
BrE informal to not do any work at all
13.) stroke of lightning
a bright flash of lightning, especially one that hits something
14.) ¦(CLOCK/BELL)¦
a single sound made by a clock giving the hours, or by a bell, ↑gong etc
15.) put sb off their stroke
BrE informal to make someone stop giving all their attention to what they are doing
Seeing Frank watching me put me off my stroke.
16.) ¦(IN NUMBERS)¦
BrE used when you are saying a number written with the mark (/) in it
= ↑slash
The serial number is seventeen stroke one. (=17/1)
stroke 2
stroke2 v [T]
[Sense: 1-2,4; Origin: Old English stracian]
[Sense: 3; Date: 1900-2000; Origin: STROKE1]
1.) to move your hand gently over something
He reached out and stroked her cheek tenderly.
2.) [always + adverb/preposition]
to move something somewhere with gentle movements of your hand
He lifted her face and stroked her hair from her eyes.
3.) [always + adverb/preposition]
to hit or kick a ball with a smooth movement in games such as tennis, golf, and ↑cricket
He stroked the ball into an empty net with a minute to go.
4.) stroke sb's ego
to say nice things to someone to make them feel good, especially because you want something from them

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